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A Dental Experience Unlike Any Other


Our Goal was to create the Perfect Environment for Crafting The World's Most Beautiful Smiles!  

With a Resort Style Setting and Unparalleled Customer Service,  It's no wonder why we are becoming Bellingham's most sought-after Cosmetic Dental Practice!

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Tori Alpert's Amazing Veneer Makeover Reaction Video

Watch Tori Alpert's Surprising First Reaction to her Zirconia Veneer Makeover

World-Class Cosmetic Dentistry Meets Resort Level Service

Individualized Dental Care


From the Cosmetic Dentistry Leaders in Skagit and Island County, we wanted to bring a brand new purpose-built Cosmetic Dental Experience to Bellingham Washington.   Every detail of our new clinic is focused towards providing the best possible Cosmetic Dental Care to our Discerning Smile Makeover Clients.  

The Dream Smile Makeover Team (Tm)


 We are a Team of Dental Professionals dedicated to improving the appearance of your smile and ultimately your quality of life.

A Team who has completed HUNDREDS of Successful Dental Makeover Cases (not just a handful). We have the skills, experience and knowledge to make each individual case look superb, fit within a reasonable budget and most importantly be maintainable for a lifetime of gorgeous smiles.

The $20,000 Dream Smile Makeover Contest (Tm)


 Six Years Ago we had a Vision..  What if we could demonstrate to people how having a perfect smile could change a person’s life? 

Not by posting some Google stock example images of some random model’s teeth like many other so called “cosmetic” dental practices do... But by taking a REAL person from the community and transforming their smile using the latest techniques and available dental technology regardless of time, difficulty or cost.

Hence The DREAM SMILE MAKEOVER CONTEST was born!  Soon after that very first winner Nicoyia Martinez's before and after pictures were released on social media, we became known as THE go-to team for Cosmetic Dental Makeovers and the rest is history.

We Make the Impossible ~ Possible

NOT all Dentists are The Same...  The Dream Smile Makeover Team (Tm) is the 

Hardest Working Dental Team in the Business.  

Here's an example of just how much Dedication they put into their Trusting Clients.


What is the #1 Reason for people to Avoid going to the Dentist?  FEAR of the Dentist.  

Almost every patient who hasn't been to the dentist in years has told us exactly the same thing.  They had a bad experience once and were too scared to go back.  We are here to help.  

Aside from our soothing luxurious environment, staff trained to cater to your every need, we also offer Sedation Dentistry.  

SLEEP your way to a Brand New Smile. 

Phillips ZOOM Whitening System

How well does ZOOM work?


Check out the BOTTOM TEETH on SNOW DAY Makeover Patient "Debbie" Below:

Our Acrylic Temps on Top


Bottom Teeth BEFORE ZOOM Whitening

Same Acrylic Temps on Top


Bottom Teeth AFTER ZOOM Whitening

(ZERO Photo/Filter Tricks Here - This is Actual REAL RESULTS)



Complimentary with every Smile Makeover 


Working close with our own cosmetic dental suppliers we developed our very own proprietary whitening system that works better than any store bought kit on the market.  

Another Part of the Bellwether Dental Exclusive Client Experience !

Trina's Reaction to her Smile Makeover!

Trina's First Reaction to her Upper Teeth Makeover.  We still need to Whiten her Bottom and Back Teeth but the Results are still Staggering.

SNOW DAY Dream Smile Makeover!

What better way to spend a snowy Friday than doing a Dream Smile Makeover?   Today we have patient incognito “Debbie” who’s super excited and coming up to us from Arlington Washington for her Dream Smile Makeover!  Weather might be bad but if she’s willing to make the drive we're certainly not going to let her down!  Next visit will be delivering her permanent Zirconia Veneer/Crowns and ZOOM Whiten her bottom teeth.  

Cearra Correa's Dream Smile Makeover

Brief Interview with Aspiring Model Cearra About her Dream Smile Experience with Us

Marcia Dubrow's Reaction to Her Makeover!

The lovely Marcia Dubrow stopped in today for her Makeover Visit!

Like many other clients, Marcia had been going to a local general dentist for her regular check ups but came to us specifically to address her cosmetic concerns.

After just an hour and a half in the chair Marcia is walking out with her acrylic temporaries and things are looking much better already!

We can’t wait to see what the final product will look like!

Stay tuned to see Marcia’s final results next visit!

Patient Kimmy Upper Teeth Makeover REACTION VIDEO!

Patient Kimmy was born with two missing lateral incisiors.  Her previous dentist fabricated a retainer which had to be removed each time she ate solid foods.  Needless to say it was very cumbersome and socially awkward to the point where Kimmy would avoid going to eat out in public.  Today we changed all that.  Click below to see her transformation and reaction video: 


Dental Veneers Porcelain Veneers


Natural Beauty That Endures:

Unlike traditional Porcelain Veneers, our Signature Zirconia Makeovers are designed to be Vibrant and Natural looking PLUS durable enough to be enjoyed up to a Lifetime!  It's what we use in ALL the Amazing Dream Smile Transformations we are famous for!

Dream Smile Patient Jodi's Own Testimonial Video

Patient Jodi Lively's Own Testimonial Video 

Showcasing her Smile Transformation Experience with 



Tori Alpert's Veneer Makeover Experience

    When I tell you guys this is the BEST dental office you could possibly go to, I'M NOT JOKING. They are literally the best. I went to them with small, spaced top teeth. Now I have beautiful, big, WHITE, prefect teeth. I got 6 top veneers done and I will be going back for my bottom 8 soon.

The staff there is amazing, they are so kind and accommodating. The dental office is gorgeous. You will walk out of there with a million dollar smile, feeling like a movie star.

The process was fast. I went in for my consultation late June 2019, 2 1/2 weeks later I had my temps (a replica of my new permanent teeth) installed, I wore those for a couple weeks, now it’s the beginning of August and I just had my permanent veneers installed. I AM IN LOVE. They have changed everything about the way I look, I am more confident and I cannot stop smiling. They look so natural. I have had so many compliments. I am so over joyed, they are prefect! If you are wanting a Hollywood smile, I recommend Bellwether Dental. It is definitely worth it, you will not be disappointed. 

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