Miss Tori Alpert Veneer Makeover !


Miss Tori Alpert ~ Veneer Client (Left Pic BEFORE any Treatment, Right Pic AFTER 6 Upper Zirconia Veneers)

Miss Tori Alpert above had 6 Zirconia Veneers placed over her natural teeth.  It was a total of 3 visits and actual procedure chair time was 1.5 hours.


VENEERS can fix that...

The DREAM SMILE ANGELS (Tm) have been doing Zirconia Veneers since 2009.  

Our Zirconia Veneers are much stronger than traditional porcelain, yet still retain a natural translucent appearance.  And UNLIKE NO-PREP COMPOSITE VENEERS they last 15-20+ years! 

(Composite Veneers only last 3-5 years on average)

Take a browse around and compare.  


All the before and after images you see on this site are 100% REAL. 100% OUR Actual Clients. 

And right now, We are offering these at a Very Affordable Rate of $1199 per unit 

(most of the cases seen here are 6-10 units).

On-Site Financing is always available with payments as low as 

$99 per month and rates as low as

 0% APR!


Stacy Milhouse

Veneer Client


Jodi Lively

Veneer Client

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